Mossman Tebbs was extremely fortunate to connect with Hover-Davis and signed an agreement in Jan 1999. This partnership proved to be very successful, both with the integration of their product range with the MT carts and with the personalities concerned. The main benefit was the manufacturing of the products in America.

Brief History of Mossman Tebbs

However, with the convergence of the industry since 2001 with both companies re-assessing the demands, as it is now, we all approach a new chapter and look forward to a bright new future.

It was the intention to be able to offer all ancillary pieces of equipment adjacent to the production line, and with the reputation was always asked to look at new requirements.

When the Company began exporting Panasonic Feeder Carts from the UK to the States, particularly Motorola, Illinois it was decided to find a Partner in America.

This will be with Chris Walsh, who incidentally, was the Engineer assigned to the MT Product range for H-D, who will be heading a new Company manufacturing the products in the USA.

Peter Mossman

13 February 2004

Mossman Tebbs (Handling) Ltd was born from a Company called Verttos Ltd in 1989 when Peter Mossman, a Mechanical Design Engineer, joined forces with an Electronics Engineer called Martin Tebbs.

This company designed and built various types of trolleys, the first of all in the Electronic production Industry was a DIP Tube trolley. This became very popular with through hole production at the time when the Industry was learning all about surface Mount Technology.

This set the opportunity to be at the birth of this rapid, very exciting new technology and to able to design handling equipment as the demand dictated. Hence the SM Reel Racks soon became popular alongside the placement machines, followed by various types of Feeder Carts that could be kitted up ready for shift changes.

Mossman Tebbs LLC