600, 1350, 1500 Base Cart 


We can make carts for Material and product handling for any industry and application. 

Shelving for parts, Flat tops for Pallets , and even tires. The Modular Cart can be customized and interchanged with different top Assemblies

Pallet Load Stations: 

To the Left you can see a custom designed Pallet stand to fit the Plastic Pallets

Below is the Pallet Stand Model for American Pallets 

The Pallet stands have a very high load capacity,  exceeding the capacity of AMR pallet loaders

The stands are to be fixed to the ground ensuring rigidity 

Tow/Hook Bar Attachments: 

To the left is a Tow bar attachment added onto one of our AMR carts, This attachment allows a cart to be interchangeably picked up by both Pin latch and Tow systems. 

Below is the Tow attachment added onto some of our Deep Pan feeder Storage carts, Demonstrating we can customize the attachment fit existing carts and trolleys

The Base and Modular carts have a load capacity of over 550 lbs or 250 Kg limited by the load capacity of the 250 AMR


We can custom build Carts for any application of the AMR robots.  Our modular system allows carts to be used for multiple applications with a quick minimal tool changeover. 

Add Ons and other Products

This 6 wheel cart has a load capacity of over 3300 lbs or 1500 Kg limited by the AMR load capacity. 

Magnet Docking Station: 

The Magnet docking station is a station designed as a home for the AMR cart where the AMR can map out and leave carts at the station being held by the magnetic pegs

Custom Carts to fit your needs!

Mossman Tebbs LLC

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AMR Modular Cart